Should you choose Microsoft Dataverse to store your Applications data?

Should you choose Microsoft Dataverse to store your Applications data?

When we start designing a new Power Platform solution for our customers, we initially start the architecture sessions looking for the best way to store the data, here, the popular question comes to the table: SharePoint List of Dataverse

Well, there is multiple point that helps to take the right decision, we are describing some of them below:


Your solution can use SharePoint connectors for free (for sure developers should consider the APIs call limitation, that comes with the free connectors).

Metaverse connectors are premium connectors so the company should pay for it (additional cost should be planned considering the projection of the storage for the solution data life cycle).

This was about the connectors and the storage, but Dataverse gives multiple out of the box features that may impact the solution development time and maintainability, also it offers more value when it comes to delegations and throttling limits… and this is something that should not be neglected from the cost estimation.


When it comes to securing the solution data in SharePoint Lists, developers are forced to implement some complexes solutions (like copy form a list to another or create specific flows to change items permissions…), with these implementations, scaling or maintaining the solution will be more complex and will consume more resources and Time.

Dataverse propose a straightforward features/Techniques to secure your data, even on the level of a specific column values (

Volume of data

If your application will deal with an important data volume then Dataverse represent a better option to store your data than SharePoint lists, with Dataverse you will be able to manage the data without the need for any DBA and you will benefit form an important data volume that may comply with your future projection for the data size and access policies.

 To conclude, the question SharePoint List or Metaverse don’t have Yes/No answer, but from our previews experience with our customers, the solution cost (including the Licensing and Storage) is always the major point that impact the decision, so if you don’t have restrictions with licenses, the way to go is clearly Metaverse, if yes, then use SharePoint lists but be careful about the challenging points that comes with this decision (specially related to security and throttling ) because it may cause an adoption failure for your solutions in the long or medium run.

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