Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint allows you to easily share and manage your organization’s knowledge and applications to strengthen teamwork, find information quickly, and collaborate seamlessly across your organization.

With deep focusing on Microsoft technologies

What we offer

Migration SharePoint to the cloud

At Consultim-IT

We take care of the migration of your SharePoint farm to the Cloud. A personalized process based on your business and technical context and an analysis of your technological fleet.

This offer allows you to:

  • Discover local SharePoint and SharePoint Online
  • Produce a migration plan from local SharePoint to Sharepoint online
  • Perform the migration
  • Support users and site owners after the Migration

Added Values

Secure Company Data

In the digital workplace, companies are at risk of expensive, dangerous cyber-attacks. With Microsoft Cloud, your data is protected with technology to secure, back-up, and monitor for potential risks.

Reduce Costs

As your company and data grows, your storage costs don’t need to, Microsoft Cloud is an affordable solution to your storage needs. So pay as you go with Microsoft Cloud, take advantage of it?

Accessible Storage

As distributed and remote teams are becoming more common, the  Office documents in SharePoint and One Drive allow co-authoring, synchronize large repositories and download files when needed, 

Electronic Management of Documents

We support the creation of an Electronic Document Management (EDM) platform based on an analysis of your context and your processes.

. Our “Implementation of a GED on O365” offer allows you to:

– Model document management processes

– Automate the tracking of a document according to a categorization and a specific life cycle

– Ensure reporting and performance management

– Allow decentralized collaboration

– Reduce the risk of loss and facilitate research

– Customize workflows according to the type of document

We develop applications in the area of document management, digital processes, planning and order processing as well as modern web applications. Technologically, our focus is on Microsoft.Net applications, Microsoft SharePoint, Azure, SQL Server, Microsoft Teams and more … 

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