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Create a view of your organization's projects and drive them together to achieve your business goals

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We help clients with their transition into the cloud every day with Microsoft 365, we develop modern intranets for all companies’ sizes.  We can help you figure out what to use and how to get the most out of it.

Microsoft 365 is the ideal solution for organizations wishing to improve their work tools on a secure, cloud-based infrastructure. that enables their users to communicate, share knowledge and collaborate to achieve goals.

Consultim-IT supports the creation of your Intranet after an analysis of your context and your business processes.

Our offer allows you to:

  • Collaborate more effectively from anywhere and on different devices
  • Share information / news resources with your employees and units
  • Create sites by project / team and ensure collaboration and management of tasks and documents
  • Ensure a faster and more efficient documentary search 

Power the way you communicate with your customers and partners with a modern extranet solution

Extranets enable teamwork across organizations by sharing applications and documents with customers, contractors, and business partners. Yet they’ve traditionally been difficult to operate securely, leaving many enterprises with limited solutions. Fortunately, modern cloud platforms like Office 365 enhance the security and reduce the effort in maintaining a secure, cross-company collaboration space.

We move your Data, Email and Content from all types of systems to Microsoft 365 quickly and seamlessly.

We take care of, the initiation of the customer on Microsoft Office 365 services as well as the basic configuration.      

Our offer allows, among other things, to:

  • Configure the organization profile
  • Migrate groups and on-premise users to AD
  • Apply security and confidentiality aspects
  • Configure the necessary services
  • Reinforce the security of the online exchange server

We take care of the digitalization of your applications and business processes.

Our offer allows you to:

– Identify and document the processes to be digitized

– Study the licenses necessary for the digitalization of your processes on O365

– Digitization of selected processes with Power Platform

– Ensure integration with the company’s ERP

– Support during “Change Management” sessions

– Training for users 

looking for a Trusted digital transformation partner?

We develop applications in the area of document management, digital processes, planning and order processing as well as modern web applications. Technologically, our focus is on Microsoft.Net applications, Microsoft SharePoint, Azure, SQL Server, Microsoft Teams and more … 

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