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Think Digital Work Differently

Whether you are looking to provide your Team with collaboration tools that will boost productivity, enhance knowledge share, enforce trust and accountability with solutions like Microsoft TeamsSharePoint, or Microsoft Viva, free up more time and resources for your employee by automating your business processes using solutions like Microsoft Power Platform, reduce cost and increase agility with Microsoft Azure, use the right tools to secure and protect your information while considering the Information Governance and Compliance and open the door for Mobility and Secure Remote work, Consultim-IT is your best choice, we have the right expertise to help you achieve your objectives.

Increase productivity and innovation with workplace modernization.

Our services

Greater flexibility

Provide your teams with more freedom to work from anywhere without compromising productivity and security.

Business continuity

Should the unexpected happen, have systems and processes in place to avoid major disruptions to your operations.

Leverage automation

Free up more time and resources for you IT teams by automating IT environment provisioning, application updates, security, and more.

Keep everything secure

Implement best practices for security and governance to ensure your operations won’t skip a beat even with an expanded remote workforce.

Remote Workforce

Work-from-anywhere is here to stay. Our experts can enable remote work while ensuring application resiliency and data security.

Better Collaboration

Provide your Team with collaboration tools that will boost your productivity, enhance knowledge share, enforce trust and accountability…

Why It’s Time

The world is changing, and your workforce needs to change with it. Our services equip users with the tools they need to work efficiently and securely – anywhere, anytime, and on any device they choose.



Added Values

  • Continue to modernize your Microsoft ecosystem taking advantage of cloud services at scale, integration of physical/digital/virtual workplace technologies, new devices, analytics and robotics.
  • Leverage your investment in Teams and Power Platform to optimize experiences and applications. 
  • Reduce repetitive tasks and inefficiency through process and workflow automation.
  • Drive more business value, improve employee and user experiences and open up innovation opportunities
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