Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the ultimate messaging application for your organization—a workspace for real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, file and app sharing, and even the occasional emoji! All in one place, all in the open, all accessible to everyone.

 Organizations of all sizes and shapes now depend on Teams for communication, collaboration, and meetings. Business continuity now depends on it. A compromised Teams deployment will compromise your ability to do business.

All in one application

Microsoft Teams

Teams is very positive for engendering a coworking environment gives you everything you want in one place to effectively collaborate.

You can contact each other quickly and also understand what other people are working on.

Consultim-IT offers you

Teams app Development and Deployment

Following an agile Process, our developers will create your application and deploy it to your Tenant. They will make sure everything is working correctly, key users are fully engaged and they will help to migrate your content.

Solution Adoption

Our change and adoption team will help you onboard your application with your key users and will provide all the needed materials, resources and communication for a successful adoption of your new Microsoft Teams applications

Identify Business Scenarios

We organize specialized workshops with your team to analyses your requirement and identify all your business cases that can be transformed to a Teams application. We provide you with a document that describes the proposed solution, the implementation approach and timeline for the implementation.

Solution Design

Our technical experts will work internally to prepare the right solution design for each application that was identified, they will make sure to consider all the design points for a successful integration between your existent systems and Microsoft Teams

Permissions Management

Consultim-IT offers Microsoft Teams permissions management services. We can define your Teams structure, assign roles, set up channels, and control access to information. Our service includes managing external access, sensitivity labels, and access reviews for authorized access to sensitive information.

Security and configuration

Because Teams works in partnership with SharePoint, OneNote, Exchange, and more, you should be comfortable managing security in Microsoft 365 or Office 365 all-up. At Consultim-IT, protecting your data is our highest priority.

Microsoft Teams top Features

If you’ve ever needed to participate in a team project at work, you’ll fully appreciate the need for such an easy-to-use tool. Each program is designed for work collaboration and has a slightly different set of features and benefits. Microsoft Teams is your new best friend / solution for group projects.


Seamless Microsoft 365 Integration

With Teams integration you can quickly create teams within a group, bring deleted groups back, edit the group email alias, and use sensitivity labels.

Instant Chats

Chat is one of the key features of Microsoft Teams. Whether it’s just with one person or with a group chat allows you to instantly message team members for quick discussions and feedback. You can even start a chat with yourself whenever you want to draft a message or even send a file from one device to another.

Conversation Threads

Teams displays chats as threaded conversations, so you can easily track the flow of conversation without having to look through irrelevant information. Within a Team, you can make multiple chat rooms and channels, keeping chats easy to follow.

App integration

Teams not only has a comprehensive web interface, but you can collaborate on the go, or answer teammate questions from afar, using the mobile applications.

Build tabs for Teams

Tabs are Teams-aware webpages embedded in Microsoft Teams. They're simple tags that point to domains declared in the application manifest and can be added as part of a channel inside a team, group chat, or personal application for an individual user. You can include custom tabs with your app to embed your own web content in Teams or add Teams-specific functionality to your web content

Cyber security

Microsoft Teams is built with the best cyber security standards possible, Microsoft Teams uses business-wide multi-factor authentication, single-on and data encryption to protect your business information. Additionally, Teams will backup and store data, so you won’t lose data if there is an outage.

You can use these Microsoft Teams features to help optimize your workflow or connect with your team. While you may not use every feature, it’s good to know just how useful of a tool Teams is. Take time to familiarize yourself with Teams, and you might just find something that is a game changer for your business. 


Microsoft Teams Onbording/enablement

  • Implementation programme
  • Content Managing
  • Content Migration


Teams Governance

  • Meeting Administration
  • Team Responsibilities
  • Team and channel creation and management


Microsoft Teams Services provider

  • Data residency and administrator access
  • Content Search and eDiscovery
  • Legal Search and Compliance
  • Data life cycle management
  • Application creation and management

Why Microsoft teams is important for your business?

  • It’s more than just chat
  • Before, during and after in Meetings
  • Fewer emails
  • Improved collaboration and communication
  • Stay connected, anytime, anywhere
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